The Golden Jubilee Memorial Library

The Library started functioning along with the College in 1925. It started with just three almirahs and 200 books; most of which were borrowed from the high school library. In the course of time it expanded. In 1944 when Carmel College was opened at Trichur, the books were divided between the two colleges, which again resulted in the lessening of the number of books. But the revolution of ideas in the field of education in the new post independence benefited the college library a lot. It was a steady growth with the major funding from the U. G. C., and the concerted effort of the Management and Administrative bodies.
Till 1959, the library was in two classrooms; the first room for English reference, prose and poetry, and the second room for History, Economics, Politics and Languages (at present the west wing of the college building). In 1959 The Library was shifted to a well-furnished room and was named “Mother Veronica Library”, in memory of Mother Veronica; the Mother General of the congregation. In 1968 with the coming of the Science Block, Science Departmental Libraries started functioning.

In 1981 the Library was named as “The Golden Jubilee Memorial Library” was inaugurated to commemorate the golden jubilee of the college. The Central Library underwent a major refurbishment and transformation in 2010-11, with the work being completed in 2011. In addition to the resources that have been added in terms of books and journals, the Library refurbishment project has resulted in a completely automated, state-of-the art, digitally controlled library system which is fully equipped to deal with the demands of the student and teaching body. The library is situated in the spacious 4 storied building. The library has 3 floors. It is well ventilated and provided with ample facilities. At a time 300 students can access the library.
The primary function of the St. Teresa’s College Library is to provide information resources and services to our staff and students. However, we welcome members of the public and others outside of the College campus who would like to make use of the resources we hold..
The College library is the key resource of information for the academic community. It was established along with the College in 1925 and was named the “Mother Veronica Library” in fond memory of Mother Veronica, the Superior General of the Congregation. The present library was built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the College in 1975 and was formally inaugurated in1981.

The Library Block Consists of

  • General reference section
  • Periodical section.

  • Audio Visual room.

  • Stock room with lending section.

  • Research Centre

  • UGC Network Resource Centre

  • Reprography corner

  • Archive

Special sections are maintained for Career guidance, Value education, Gandhian studies and Kerala history. Computer database and Internet facilities are also available. At present there are 88022 books and 200 journals and magazines in the library. For convenience, Department Libraries for Science subjects are maintained in the Science Block. A general library wing also functions in the Science Block.

A library Committee that includes the representatives of Teachers and students help to direct the library services.

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.”



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Ut convallis, magna sed dapibus tincidunt, nulla lacus sollicitudin nisi, id commodo


Ut convallis, magna sed dapibus tincidunt, nulla lacus sollicitudin nisi, id commodo